Turalynn: Black Almeign

  • An abolitionist lawyer on a serial quest for the perfect lover
  • A social climbing singer who titillates her way into the heart of a prince
  • A violent, foul mouthed priest who's better known as an organized crime figure
  • A scarred, militaristic knight's son whose only self expression lies in his martial skills
  • A hot tempered, ambitious demon summoning priestess with a rapacious libido

And these are the good guys!

Welcome to Turalynn, where five young prep school students all agree to be inducted into a force destined to colonize the lost county of Sterritt. Book 1: The Mustering is their collective misadventures before they head to boot camp. How badly could you screw up your life in the five days before you're inducted and your choices are taken away from you? Watch as five young elites plant the seeds of their own destruction.

Turalynn: Black Almeign Episode 1 - The Mustering is in pre-production. Look for news here about where and when you can purchase a copy. Then stay tuned for future episodes of this dark fantasy/romance/slice of life/erotica series.