Anum Regina 1272
Seventeen-year-old Princess Tania Alejandra Tsiarkeh is the duchess of Saerglen and second-in-line to the Eternal Throne of Arghentia. When she makes a play to seize the throne, she falls into a deadly trap set by her elder siblings Tselenah and Talon.

Now Tania is running for her life, sacrificing her beloved mentor and dragging her ladies-in-waiting and their families four-thousand miles away to the cold, backward Kingdom of Penamharik.

Can Tania survive as agents of the Crown dog her every step? Can she adapt to the outdated technology and foreign manners of her home-in-exile? And can the Eternal Crown itself survive when a terrible mistake dooms the Arghentian fleet and forces Tselenah into a confrontation that could destory the nation?

The Exile is a short story set in the world of Turalynn. It's a preview of events in the Turalynn series and a peek into the faced-paced narrative style and some of the characters you'll encounter in The Sword & the Songbird.

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